Lyngo Puss In Boots Lighthouse Poole Review

Would you ever trust a cat? What about a cat that talks? Many of you know the tale of Puss In Boots. A cat that helps his master become rich beyond his wildest dreams. But none of you have seen it performed the way we did.

We were kindly given some tickets to attend the show of Puss In Boots at the Lighthouse Poole performed by Lyngo Theatre.

Lyngo Theatre are a small production company that draw upon English and Italian connections to create highly visual and creative shows based on fables for children.

The idea of having one sloping stage, one actor and a massive story to tell can be daunting for anyone but Patrick Lynch does an amazing job of telling the tale and adapting to many characters that all the kids, especially Max were squealing with glee. The way he worked with the cat puppet was amazing. Max was totally convinced there was a real cat on stage.

Using smoke, mirrors and hidden panels Lynch manages to transform the stage into everything from a pond for fishing to an oven to cook bread in. He opened the show by covering himself in flour, something you don't expect to see at any old show. There were even a host of fruit and vegetables being thrown on stage to entertain the children, bring an atmosphere and beat to the show.

The play stands at 50 minutes, so perfect time for a child to be captivated without getting bored and I can definitely vouch for the fact that these kids in the audience were hooked.

The Lighthouse was the perfect setting for this, they have a small studio that meant that we felt so close to the action and were sat in a way that even the smallest of people could watch what is going on during the show.

Thanks Lighthouse for letting us see this wonderful show! Be sure to check out their site for more family friendly events and Lyngo Theatre's for the rest of the Puss In Boots tour dates.

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  1. That's one freaky-looking cat! I do love it when you chance upon a good one-man show like this. It must take a massive amount of effort for one individual to pull it off successfully.