50 things that make me happy

So my lovely friend Jeni tagged me in the 50 things that make me happy tag.

  1. My family are the most important.
  2. My friends are always there for me.
  3. Having cuddles from Max.
  4. Hearing him shout "I LOVE YOU MUMMY"
  5. Reading a good book and getting to sell it to someone that will love it too.
  6. Going to a gig or festival, with or without Max.
  7. Good music.
  8. Blasting music in the car on a sunny day.
  9. Watching a great series on Netflix.
  10. Donuts. Me and my wonderful friend Jess have a thing about donuts.
  11. Having a great chat with the girls.
  12. Travelling anywhere.
  13. Holidays.
  14. Disney.
  15. Looking at the stars on a clear night.
  16. Rekorderlig cider on a warm day.
  17. Fresh sheets straight out of the dryer.
  18. The smell of freshly baked goods.
  19. Blogging.
  20. Taking photos for clients that are thrilled with the results.
  21. Taking photos for me to remember life.
  22. Road trips.
  23. Movie afternoons with the boys.
  24. Surprise post.
  25. Feeling body positive.
  26. Seeing a musical with my bestie Jess.
  27. New stationary.
  28. Gorgeous candles that leave the flat smelling lush.
  29. A nice relaxing bath with a bath bomb and a book.
  30. 80's movies with the boys.
  31. Wearing dresses that make me feel pretty.
  32. Cooking anything.
  33. Hot chocolate with marshmallows.
  34. Strawberries on a summer day.
  35. Singing and dancing.
  36. Being silly with Max.
  37. Unexpected hugs and kisses.
  38. Phone calls from people I love.
  39. Weddings.
  40. Picnics on a sunny day.
  41. Mcfly/Mcbusted.
  42. My art collection from Neil.
  43. Watching old home videos.
  44. Going shopping and treating someone.
  45. A cheeky takeaway.
  46. Crafting anything and everything.
  47. Making things for friends/family and seeing them smile.
  48. Iced tea. Always peach.
  49. Frozen yoghurt. Mango preferred.
  50. Taking a moment to appreciate the wonderful place I'm in.
Phew that was hard!
I tag Emma, Dave and Jade 

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  1. Mm Rekorderlig cider.. yes please! Oh how I am crazing the sun and a nice alcoholic drink. And yes, weddings.. I love weddings. My list could definitely have been more than 50 things!! xx