BeerBods Review - By Scott

BeerBods is a small independent company that outsources independent brewed beers as subscriptions. I found out about this as a Christmas gift from the fine lady who runs this blog.

I received a set of 12 beers in a box which had to be requested through email. The email is the key part as it lets you know which beer it is presenting each week. The box is filled with a mixture of ales, lagers, porters and stouts. Every week, the beer is announced through social media which links you to the story and information behind the weekly beer.
As a review, I will avoid reviewing the beers individually as this review is all about BeerBods, rather than the breweries.

What there is to love about Beer Bods, especially if you read through their website, is their passion for independent brewing. Each beer belongs to unique brewers dotted around the UK and the subscription box comes at a great competitive price (less than the average pint at a pub). As a gift, this is a fantastic opportunity to treat a loved one to beer enthusiasts or even someone looking for something more adventurous.

The selection BeerBods provides does introduce you to the weird and wonderful life that is brewing. There were some great brewers with unique and wonderful ways to develop their own beer. What you find out, especially drinking one beer each week, is that you get to appreciate the greatness of each beer which is also given serving suggestions by BeerBods (that was a great touch to service).

With help from linking me to their website via email, I was able to get excited for each beer every Thursday evening. BeerBods also provide the opportunity to rate the beer, research the brewers and even link you to their available shops should you want more of the beer.
Come the end of your subscription (which I was quite gutted about at the end) BeerBods welcomes you to re-subscribe and enjoy more of their beers as they came along.

Personally, I loved this. As someone who was very intrigued by different ales and beers, I loved the excitement rolling over each week. I thought the service BeerBods provided was of high quality and their social media appreciation was very active.

If you're thinking of signing up to this subscription, I can only say GO FOR IT! Why not? It’s an experience that fulfils the pallet, but leaves the dry taste getting you to long for more (just like beer). If you are struggling for a gift for someone, again I couldn't recommend this more enthusiastically if the person in mind is into beer.

To conclude, I’d like to thank my wonderful fiancĂ©e (and empress of the blog) for the subscription and BeerBods for welcoming me to some cracking beers. The carousel of beers were just the ticket!


  1. I got my husband something similar for Christmas and he loved it!

  2. ooo this sounds amazing! i know plenty of people who will love this. I'm not a beer drinker myself :(