Hannah Saves The Day - A Story

Tell A Story Day is a day that is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK. It happens each year on the 27th April and this year Room To Grow have asked some bloggers to create stories using prompts that we have given each other.

We were given Hannah the Elephant, a pair of scissors and the circus. We had so many ideas running through our heads but we finally came up with an idea (that included Max as he was determined to have his name in there!) We hope you like it!

Hannah was an elephant, and the proudest elephant at that. For she worked in the biggest and best circus in the country. She got to travel town to town entertaining grown up's and kid's by blowing streams of water and playing with her fellow elephant pals.

The circus had just rolled into a new town, the big top making it's grand entrance in the middle of the massive field. As the elephants were warming up and getting ready to make their grand appearance in the opening of the show disaster struck!

The ringmaster ran over to the elephants "Oh help Hannah and friends, Max the cheeky monkey has cut the ropes to the big top with some big, sharp scissors! It keeps falling down, what are we to do?!"

Hannah and her friends thought long and hard. They could try and find some logs to hold the tent up but there wasn't a forest nearby. They could try and pull the ropes tight but there was nothing to help the tent prop up. But then Hannah got a brainwave.

"WHY DON'T WE BLOW THE TENT TO SIZE" she shouted. "If we can spray enough water to soak an audience, we can blow enough air to keep the tent up whilst the others tie it in place. That will help the tent stand up!" The other's looked a bit scared at the idea. What if they didn't have enough air to blow the big top out. But after a bit of encouragement they decided to give it a go.

So the elephants trundled into the big top and huffed and puffed with all their might. The big top slowly started to grow big like a balloon until all of a sudden it had fully inflated! Everyone outside scrambled to tie the ropes down (even Max the monkey who looked a bit embarrassed) until at last it was secure.

Hurrah! Hannah and her elephant friends saved the day! The audience cheered in line to come in and Hannah performed with the biggest smile on her face knowing that she saved the day.


Me and Max love making up stories. And it was great to have some inspiration from someone else to get us started. So I thought I would leave some prompts here for you to write a story of your own.

Character: Billy the naughty goblin
Place: A school
Object: A bowl of popcorn.

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  1. Lovely story. I really enjoyed this challenge and it's been great to see all the other stories too. Such a fun thing to do with little ones. x