Indoor Picnics Are #BetterWithCake

The Easter holidays have been a mixture of dreary and gorgeous. Whenever we have planned to do something outside it rains and when we have planned to stay in it's been glorious. To be honest that's British weather for you. That's why when a gorgeous package from the king of cakes Mr Kipling arrived we knew a picnic was in order!

However the weather wasn't on our side. Whilst the sun peered through the clouds the rain hammered down meaning our outdoor picnic ended up as an indoor one.

With a great mix of cheese and cucumber sandwiches, crisps and sliced fruit the perfect addition was a Mr Kipling French Fancy. We rolled out the rug, popped on the Lego Movie and munched away to our hearts content. 

There's something magical about a cake from Mr Kipling. It takes me right back to my childhood and I'm so glad to see that things are pretty much exactly the same. It's a great sweet indulgence after a long day playing games with the family.

After having an abundance of cuddles (which are the best thing on a gloomy day) and finishing the film we headed to the bedroom for fun and games. Me and Max love to dance together so we tend to whack on the radio full blast and boogie away to get all the sillies out. Max has always loved music so you can tell he's determined to be a rockstar. 

When our arms and legs are aching from jumping, twisting and shouting we decided to take inspiration from the movie we watch and immerse ourselves in the world of Lego. Max as become obsessed with Lego since he got some for his birthday and plays with it on a daily basis making everything from rockets to super heroes. 

A gloomy day inside on the Easter holidays was made significantly #betterwithcake. It's the little moments that you will treasure for a lifetime. What is your better with cake moment?

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  1. Fantastic expressions and fun post. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.