Spicers of Hythe Easter Hamper

I love a good hamper. Normally for someone's birthday or Christmas I get my thinking cap on and put something together. Not only does it feel more personal as it's tailored to their taste, but you can add a bit of everything. So when Spicers of Hythe sent me an email asking to review a hamper of course I couldn't say no. I might even pick up some tips!

When trying to pick a hamper, I wanted something that had variety. Something that all of my brood would love, so I ended up selecting their Easter hamper. It looked like a great blend of sweet and savory treats to indulge in over the (fitting) Easter weekend.

Firstly I must say that it arrived really well packaged. In a sturdy box full of packaging peanuts, the hamper itself was wrapped in cellophane with a rigid plastic covering to keep it all in place. It was expertly finished with an elastic ribbon, some fake straw and a gorgeous mock wicker basket (that is now pride of place on my dressing table!). 

Upon looking at all the products I was surprised by not only the amount of products but also the quantities that were sent. There were more than enough for a great afternoon tea and longer so we got ready, popped on a DVD and set up a picnic. 

There was a great selection of drinks. I love the Belvoir Fruit Farms brand so knew this sweet elderflower was going to be scrummy and compliment a great spring afternoon. The strawberry tea we mixed up a bit and made our own iced tea with it (we prefer it to normally brewed tea).

Then came the sweet treats, handmade honeycomb that melted in the mouth with a great chew, fudge that was so sweet and creamy I could have eaten a box of it, mini eggs that definitely had a creamier taste than the generic mass produced brand would. And finally a rich and fruity cake that Scott loved and devoured. 

Finally the savoury (kind of!). We absolutely adored the lemon biscuits. It's something that is great to make at home but I always seem to forget to. Similarly the flapjack was demolished by the boys before I could even get a whiff, they did tell me it was gorgeous and asked me to work out how to make it at home! The jam was wonderful, I ate it the next day on my morning toast and could have eaten a whole loaf. I'm not normally one for jam but this definitely swung it for me. 

One thing I would have loved that wasn't included was maybe a card that indicated the companies that were included in the hamper. I love to find out more about independent brands and this would have been great to potentially follow up and purchase from them. 

I think this hamper is definitely worth the money, especially when you consider that the majority of the products are coming from small brands and companies. It shows that loads of love and care have been put into each package. Not only do they do seasonal hampers but you can have one catered to any occasion, there's a great chocolate themed one that I'm looking at for a surprise gift! Who would you surprise with a hamper?

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