What Max Wore

It's been quite a while since I shared an outfit post of Max so here is one we took at the weekend! We've had a hectic Easter so far that you will read about over the next few posts but managed to grab some sun and head down to Portsmouth for a day out. And I couldn't not take Max's photo against this adorable seagull fence. 

Jumper: Unilqo - A classic Mickey jumper. Something that every kid inevitably owns in their life. Max loves this as it's lightweight but also baggy so he "doesn't get those lumpy bits when it's too tight" (his words not mine!).
Jeans: Debenhams - He has worn these jeans to death. We may have to grab another pair. These black skinnies seem to fit him perfectly but are slowly starting to get a bit too short in the leg for him. They are so soft too!

Shoes: Tesco - These bargain shoes were £5 in the sale and we love them. They have a band of elastic at the front instead of laces meaning that he can put them on quicker that I can put mine on. 

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