A2 Milk (Review and Recipe)

A couple of weeks ago I was invited along to London for an event with the wonderful guys over at A2 Milk. If you haven't heard of them, they are an alternative milk company that produce milk with only the A2 protein (rather than normal milk which has A1 and A2). 

Whenever I drink something that has regular milk in I always feel sluggish, bloated and icky so when A2 milk came onto my radar last year I jumped at the opportunity. It's something that has become part of our regular diet ever since. Some people, whilst not being lactose intolerant can be intolerant to the A1 protein in milk. This is where A2 milk comes into play, it has the same milk qualities and calcium/protein amounts but is made up of A2 rather than A1 proteins. Perfect for people that are sufferers like me (and Danny Cipriani!). 

Danny was there to tell us all about his experiences with milk and how A2 milk has changed his lifestyle and food habits. It was great to chat to him after his talk and ask for some advice to pass on to my brother. If you don't know then he is a basketball player who is constantly on the go. For him, having A2 milk means that there is no chance of getting any side effects that could affect his play. 

Leaving the event left me with an inspiration to create a chocolately A2 filled shake. I had devoured a gorgeous hot chocolate that was the thickness of dipping sauce. The shake is as indulgent as it sounds and something that should definitely be had in moderation! 

  • Blender (We used our trusty Blend Active)
  • Milk/Dark Chocolate (4 blocks of each - or 8 blocks of 1 flavour.)
  • Handful of Malteasers (With a few left to decorate)
  • A2 Milk (enough to cover the chocolate and Malteasers - Worked out about 200ml maximum)

Blend all the ingredients together until it is smooth with no big lumps. Then serve and top with the chocolate of your choice. We've made this so many times with different flavours of chocolates. It's great as the little bits of chocolate sink to the bottom, the top goes all foamy and you have the perfect chocolate hit in the middle. Me and Max love to share it with straws and spoons over a Disney movie. 

A2 milk is something that can be used in all types of baking, making and drinking. We always use it in our white sauce for lasagne. It tastes as close to everyday milk as you can get but has all these amazing properties that make it so much better for you. It's available in most supermarkets alongside all the other milk. So what are you waiting for?

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