Dinner's Are Better With Little Dish

Do you ever come across a kids brand that you adore, from their ideology to their branding and marketing. Well Little Dish is one of those for us. Not only do they make wonderfully packaged items that make you want to pick them up, they also make the most scrummy meals for little tums (and mums!). So when I got an email from the lovely girls over at Little Dish I jumped at the chance to review some of their new dishes.

Little Dish have just launched some new products. Not only have they announced some new recipes (Lamb Shepherds Pie and Salmon and Broccoli Pasta) but they have also released some great meals for bigger kids too! These are aimed at 3-6 year olds and are just a bit bigger than their little meals. 

Max is a fussy one. He grazes on fruit, veg and crackers throughout the day and then when it get's to dinner he doesn't seem to eat much. Thats why we still love Little Dish meals. The portions are a great size and he wolf's them down without feeling guilty that he has left some behind! We also love them as they are packed full of natural ingredients, enough veg for at least 1 of your 5 a day and none of that nasty stuff that grown ups know are bad.

We are already big fans of the chicken and butternut squash pie, chicken and veg risotto and the spaghetti with mini meatballs but we were eager to taste test the new flavours. So we scrapped the dinner plans we had and got to work trying these great mini meals (with some input from mum, dad and Max of course!).

Mum: I adored this! I have to say it was almost as good as mine, but saved me from slaving away at an oven for a few hours. There was so much flavour in it that Max didn't even know it wasn't home-made.

Dad: Can they make this in grown up size please? 

Max: Yummy yummy yummy! It was just as good as mummys. We sprinkled some cheese on top at the end too and it was extra scrummy. I didn't realise that I liked lamb but now I know that I do like it and I want mummy to buy it for me to have again. 

As you can see this was a pretty big hit in our house. One that means I might be adapting my own shepherd's pie to taste a bit more like this from now on! All jokes aside we loved this. Lamb is a funny one that most parent's don't introduce straight away but this is the perfect start to satisfy any fussy eater. It also has 7 different veg in it which brings it up to 2 portions of your little one's 5 a day. Perfect!

Mum: Salmon is my favourite fish to eat so this was a perfect blend of food for me. Can I have some more?

Dad: Not too keen as I'm not a big fish eater but this smells delish.

Max: I love this, salmon and pasta are awesome. And I love broccoli trees because they are my favourite vegetable.

This was a firm favourite in our home. Something that me and Max almost wanted to inhale. As with lamb, salmon is another one that doesn't get introduced early. But this is the great balance of fish and pasta that isn't off putting and smells wonderful. Having one of the 5 a day in there too means you don't have to worry about veg alongside the omega 3 that's packed inside the fish. 

Little Dish is one of our favourite kids food companies. They put so much heart and soul into their food that you can really tell they are making a difference to kids pre-packaged food. We always have a couple in the freezer (you can cook from frozen too!) incase of emergencies and they never fail to impress. With a great variety of dishes there is definitely something for everyone! Little Dish can be found in the chilled aisles of most supermarkets so you have no excuse for trying these mini meals. 

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