Friday Reads - All The Bright Places (WIN!)

Have you ever read a book that made you laugh, cry and full of angst that you wanted to climb in the pages and help them out? Well this is one of those books. All The Bright Places is a tale of teenage angst that is all to real in this world of social media. 

It opens with the main character, Theodore Finch contemplating whether today is a good day to die, stood on a ledge of the bell tower at school wondering what it would be like to take the first step. Until he realises he isn't alone, Violet Markey is also up there. A popular girl at school he is curious at to why she is stood alongside him in this moment of all or nothing. 

Both of them are paired up to work together and what starts as a means to the end of a project turns into something altogether more meaningful. The idea of wandering to new places to escape what you have excites them and their complex back stories will have you thinking that this must be based on real life. 

What All The Bright Places encaptures is a wonderful heartfelt tale of grief, loss, mental health and wanting to save someone. A book that is more than just a story, but also one that could possibly help someone understand the complexities of mental health in teens.

It's already been picked up for film optioning which I'm not surprised at. An uplifting tale that will help you learn through post it notes, facebook messages and Virginia Woolf quotes. All The Bright Places is not to be left unread!

I have a copy of All The Bright Places to give away to my readers! The comp is open until the end of the month so I wish you good luck!

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