Friday Reads: Blloon App Review

 I have to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of Ebooks. Working in a bookshop I've got a bit of an obsession with the physical book. Being able to touch it and flick through the pages. Though Ebooks have always fascinated me. I can't say why I've never tried them but they've never struck me as standing out over the trusty paperback on my bookshelf.

But when I heard about Blloon, I thought it would be the perfect introduction for me and Ebooks. Not only could I have the app on my phone but I could also try before I buy (which I tend to do a lot at work as I can be fairly picky with my books!)

Blloon is an Ebook reading app with a difference. You can read as many books to your hearts content and pick how you want to experience your reading. You can sign up for monthly subscriptions that allow you to have a certain amount of pages a month, or you can buy page top ups as and when you want them. When you sign up you get free pages to begin with so you can get a feel for the app and how it works. This was brilliant for an Ebook newbie like me!

Once signed up, navigating was easy. You could search for a certain book and author, browse some highlights or view some handpicked reading lists. I'm a YA addict as many of you know so I went straight for that area and was pleasantly surprised to see some books I adore and some that I had been desperate to read. I downloaded a book with the click of a button and was ready to read. I couldn't believe how easy it actually was. I love the fact it tells you how many pages there are, this means you can keep a track on your spending and work out what book you can read next with your remaining page count. 

One thing to note is that once you have purchased the book using the page counters, it is yours to keep so you aren't restricted to a time to read it or face it disappearing before you finish that cliffhanger of a chapter. Obviously that isn't a problem with me as I seem to read books faster than I watch TV and I knew this one would be a fast read!

I'm always a bit sceptical of reading in huge chunks on my phone, thinking it would strain my eyes or give me a headache. But I really loved it! It didn't hurt my eyes to read and it was great for when we went to the park in the afternoon as I didn't have to haul my massive hardback out with me. When I got to the end of the free preview it asked if I wanted to continue reading and use some of my pages. I love this feature as the preview gives you a great taste for the book and it doesn't eat into your page count. And in regards to this one I couldn't finish it quick enough. So much so that I'm already on to my second book less than 48 hours later!

I can't say that I'm always going to be reading an Ebook, I will always have a huge stack of paperbacks piled on my bedside table. But I do feel like there is now an Ebook shaped hole in my life that has certainly been filled by this app. I read somewhere that Blloon was the Netflix of Ebooks and I can 100% agree with that. Not only is there so much choice but there is also that feeling of instantly being able to read something, an addictive book app that sits in your pocket! I've got to say I adore the flexibility of it and the fact you can have anything you want to read at your fingertips. Love books? Try Blloon

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