Monkeying Around With The RSPCA

We love days out and there is nothing better than a trip to go see some animals. There's something adventurous yet relaxing when you walk around and learn about animals you couldn't ever see otherwise. Max's favourite animal is a monkey. We're convinced it's because he's part monkey really, so when we were asked if we could pop over to Monkey World to find out about all the great conservation and caring they do for the monkeys, we jumped at the chance!

Monkey World is a great organisation that is home to an amazing array of monkeys that have been rescued from the illegal smuggling trade. Some have come from medical research centres and others from the pet trade. It's wonderful to know that there is a place that works with various governments to help these animals. It's also really sad to know that people are willing to buy and trade with these monkeys without knowing about the level of care and space they truly need. 

We had a wonderful time exploring the site. It's got so many different areas where the monkeys are able to roam and play in that you almost forget you are watching them from behind a cage/screen. We headed up to the top of the lookout, which has stunning views of the park and made us feel like we were swinging from the trees. You could head all the monkeys screeching at each other and it felt like a battle of the bands almost!

Our favourite was definitely the Orangutans, they were a so gentle and loving. One spent an amazing time interacting with a gentleman in the crowd, clapping and using what appeared to be sign language to communicate different things. It reminds you that they aren't that far from us and they need all the help we can give them. Max spent the time pulling funny faces and making the orangutan grin each time. 

The RSPCA have been working with Monkey World to try and raise awareness about looking after your pets. We spend so much time trying to raise money for animals that need our help that many forget that they need to do the simple things such as vaccinating their pets. By vaccinating your pet it not only protects them against infectious diseases but also keeps them safe after the protection from their mother's milk has ended. 

We don't have a pet at the moment, but have been looking into what the best for our family would be. Obviously things such as vaccinations would be incredibly important. I wouldn't want to add another member to our family and put them at risk from not vaccinating. It's worth knowing that some pet's need more regular vaccinations than others. Rabbits need to be vaccinated more often than a dog for example. 

We had an amazing time at Monkey World. Not only did we learn so much about these magnificent creatures but we were also made aware of so many problems with things such as vaccinations, the pet trade and illegal activity. Max left and declared "I love the monkeys, why anyone would hurt them is silly. We should all look after them". And that's not just for monkeys, but all pets. 

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