Ever since having Max I have always struggled with sleep. Whether that be getting to sleep, not having enough or waking up at some ungodly hour and not being able to drift off. I can't pinpoint the reasons why but I'm slowly finding out methods for getting myself a better night sleep.

  • No snacking in the evening - I mean this is for weight loss as well as sleep, but I found that when I ate in the evening after work I was always wired for far too long. The energy of whatever I had eaten hit me just as I was wanting to sleep. Now I've cut out snacking in the evening I don't have that boost before bed.
  • Routine is key - This one is important to me. I can get into a blogging funk where I'm sat up into the wee hours writing and watching Netflix. By having a set routine and a cut off each night means that I don't push myself past that. Going to bed later than I should normally means my sleep is disrupted.
  • Technology cut off is key - By 10:00 I've popped my phone on to charge. I'm sat with a book and I'm winding down. The bright lights and stimulation of the phone isn't great for getting myself prepped for bed.
They are only a few small tips but I hope they help someone else wind down and ease their sleep problems. I know it's hectic with kids and some of them can be up at all hours. It's not something that is magic. Max will still crawl into our bed at 3am sometimes and some nights I have so much work to do that I will be up at all hours writing. But it's a slow process and one that you can't work overnight!

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