The Ordinary Moments

This past week has been a whirlwind. We had Max's new starter parents evening. He sat there eagerly waving at the headteacher, chatting to the new class teachers, inspecting everything he could find and drawing a mustache on his face (the joy!). It's crazy to think that he is going to be at school in September. It feels like only yesterday we were at uni and bundling him off to nursery. I think the continuity of education has helped him get ready for school. Each morning he wakes up and asks if it's a school day.

I popped up to London for a morning to attend an event with A2 Milk, it will be on the blog at the weekend so I don't want to spoil it too much. Let's just say Danny Cipriani is a very lovely bloke!

I had a catch up with my mum, it's something we try and do regularly but normally ends up being at a soft play whilst Max burns off all the energy he can. It was great to sit and chat about life. So much is happening behind the scenes for both of us that it feels like we barely take a breath. It makes me miss our time living with her, having a weekly gossip in the kitchen with some cheese balls. But living in our own place is better for us, and she has so many amazing things to look forward to as well.

We spent the weekend glued to the TV/radio. Max is a music junkie so when he knew the Big Weekend was happening we HAD to have it on for him to play along to. And that's what he did. Headbanging, singing, dancing and playing his guitar. It's like he's destined to be on the stage amongst them. He even managed to stay up and watch the first Foo Fighter's song before he crashed and burned on the sofa. So we've been playing it back for him to perfect his moody stares and bopping on the spot with his guitar. Nearly his whole life he's told me he's going to be a rock star and I honestly don't doubt it for a second.

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