King Of All Wild Things

When we were thinking up names for Max we kept on rushing back to books. Being a book addict it's kind of obvious we would get inspiration from there. But as soon as he was born I knew he was a Max. He just felt like a Max. But not just any Max, the king of all wild things Max. One that roared terrible roars and sailed to the land of the wild things. As he's grown up he's definitely lived up to his name, being full of energy and not stopping for anything. 

When he was younger we bought him this gorgeous Max suit and he still just about squeezes into it (he's fast outgrowing the legs though!). One evening the sun was setting, we had just watched the film and I grabbed the opportunity to snap some shots of him in the forest near our house!

But the wild things cried "oh please don't go- I'll eat you up- I love you so"

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