Many of you will remember that last year I spoke of my friend Charlie. He has cystic fibrosis and wanted to busk the length of the UK to raise money and awareness for the CF Trust.

Unfortunately in the past 12 months he has been in hospital for a total of 7 of them. He is now on the transplant list meaning that the thought of busking the country is something that won't be happening for the time being.

Even though he has a 30% lung functionality and is waiting on a double transplant he wanted to do something to raise awareness. So he did the only thing he knew how, made a music video!

Life In A Hospital is a song about Charlie's own experience in the hospital that he calls home sometimes. It's a funny look at something that others would get hung up over. Charlie sees the best in each and every situation, no matter how rubbish. So I knew that this video and song would be amazing.

Don't believe me? Have a peek. And if you enjoy it then please share it!

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