Shoe Shopping with Brantano

Shoe shopping with Max can be a nightmare. He's either running around, bored or completely distracted to the point that I wish I had bought some shoes online. But with him starting school soon I knew that we all had to face our fear and pop into a shop to get him fitted and sorted with a pair of shoes that would be fit for school.

Luckily Brantano stepped in and saved our day! Brantano are one of the countries leading retailers for shoes. With their own fitting service in store, each employee is trained for each different brand that they stock to make sure that they will fit everyone's feet, from babies to grandparents. As soon as we walked in we were welcomed and asked what help we needed. After a fitting that was completely painless we decided to go rummaging.

We knew that we wanted to find Max a pair of shoes for school but were also advised that in the couple of months between now and then he could grow dramatically. So we opted to go up half a size meaning that they would hopefully fit him by September, and if they didn't then we could always pop in an insole (as the expert fitter advised). We were spoilt for choice with a range of brands from budget ones to Clarks, who are obviously at the higher end of the spectrum.

Luckily the shoes were set out across the shelves in size order meaning we could grab a box and try them on. It did limit what selection we had but it didn't bother us too much as it meant we weren't sat around waiting for the right sizes to be found. 

The wonderful girl that helped us made it really special for Max. She let him run in the shoes, jump up and down and basically test them so that we were sure they would fit him well. In the end we went for a mid priced shoe (£20) and grabbed some waterproof spray that will protect them against the elements. 
Thanks Brantano for making our shoe shopping experience that but easier! With such a great selection of shoes I know where we will be going from now on!

*Note we were given a free pair of shoes in return for this post, all views are our own. 

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