We Love Miffy!

This year Miffy turns 60 (on the 21st June to be exact!). It's hard to believe that a little bunny has reached the grand old age of 60, but she looks better than ever! To celebrate, Miffy and her friends have released a brand new set of books and products to capture the hearts of a new audience. I absolutely adore the books and get thrilled every time I suggest them to customers at work.

I have become a Miffy Mum this year to help celebrate the wonderful world of this little Dutch rabbit. We've been sent a wonderful selection of Miffy products to help us celebrate including this amazing book.

Max has been going through a proper boy phase recently. He can't get enough of superheroes and disgusting things, but when we started reading this book he fell in love with the simple characters and story. So much so that he is now reading it to us! Miffy is one of those amazing universal characters that no matter what age or gender, you fall in love with. 

We love miffy, and the new range of books and products introduces a timeless classic to audiences around the country. I think we've gone a bit Miffy mad in our home, but there's nothing wrong with that! 

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