Difficult Financial Issues For Mums

Myself along with many other women can struggle with financial problems. Whether that be budgeting for a new handbag or trying to save up to pay for a new baby. This can become a problem when you are left in a money pickle.

I had financial problems when I went on maternity leave. In that time I had to budget for a household that was growing and purchase everything for a new baby with little to no savings. Luckily we had family and friends to give us a hand but if things had been different then we would have struggled even more than we did.

I later returned to work and was left in an even worse financial state when they refused to give me back my original job. They didn't want to be flexible on hours and left me in a store I had never worked in with staff that didn't treat me with respect as a young parent. I soon found myself unemployed, depressed and fretting about money more than ever.

Luckily another job came along (one that I am still in now and I love) but it left me completely terrified. If I was to have stayed unemployed them we wouldn't have been able to afford our rent, let alone food and warmth. It made me think about all the outcomes that could have happened.

We then found ourselves in another problem when we were at university. Due to our situation (studying with a toddler) there were lots of problems with student finance and childcare but eventually we got that sorted and now the biggest problem is repaying that horrendous student loan of ours.

One thing we realised once Max was born was that we needed to secure our future. Not only did we want to make sure that we had money in case of a rainy day, but we wanted to make sure that Max was safe if anything happened to us. That's why we took out life insurance. We wanted to know that there was a backup plan if anything were to go horrifically wrong. We sought advice from Legal and General as to what the best policy was for us and invested in our lives.

We now have insurance that will cover us in any eventuality. It gives me that peace of mind that if things were to go wrong then we would have a cushion behind us. It would help us pay for important things such as bills and childcare. Would help us get back on track in case of the worst.

Knowing we have a policy means we can now save for the better things. A new home, a holiday and of course a designer handbag!

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