Friday Reads: If You Like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Most kids love a good series of books. It's great to see them get stuck into something that will keep them entertained for a long time. Sometimes though they can get a bit stuck, they don't know what to read next. One of the most popular kids series at the moment is Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. Perfect for kids from ages 7-12, this book has captured the minds of millions. But with so many other books out there I've compiled a list of suggestions for things they can read next.

Tom Gates - Liz Pichon
Set out in a similar style to Wimpy Kid with doodles and drawings, Tom Gates is based around Tom and his hate of everything homework based and trying to impress that girl that sits next to him at school. An award winning series that sits perfectly next to Wimpy Kid with it's comic book style.

Gangsta Granny - David Walliams
Walliams has done an amazing range of kids books. Gangsta Granny is my highlight though. Ben doesn't know how great his granny really is. I mean beyond the boring cabbage and scrabble she's planning to steal the queen's crown! This has the great humour you would find in Wimpy Kid with a bit more of a challenging read.

Series Of Unfortunate Events - Lemony Snicket
A bit of a darker series compared to Wimpy Kid but the series that follows the Baudelaire orphans and their strange uncle is definitely a great addition. A series full of fun and mystery, it's one that kids will love. And with a Netflix series in the works it needs to be read!

Dork Diaries - Rachel Renee Russell
Think Wimpy Kid but with a girl as a lead character and Dork Diaries is what you come up with. This hilarious series follows Nikki who is, let's face it, a dork. All she wants to do at her new school is get by and reinvent herself.

Goth Girl - Chris Riddell
Ada Goth is an only child, a bit of a lonely one at that. When some visitors come to stay they must make sure that the indoor gamekeeper doesn't cause the havoc he is planning. A beautifully illustrated book that is great for the older end of the Wimpy Kid fans.

Fortunately The Milk - Neil Gaiman
Gaiman is a bit of a literary god in our house and this book is no different. Telling the adventure of a dad on his journey to get some milk, this book takes loads of unexpected twists and turns! With a hilarious story and great illustrations, this book is one that kids and grown ups will love to read together!

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