Meet the Penguins at Bournemouth Oceanarium

As many regular readers know, we are always visiting our local Oceanarium. Having been season pass holders for years we thought it would be an amazing time to pop down and see the new penguins that have just arrived!

We popped down with our friends over at PooleMamma to have a snoop and let the kids enjoy themselves whilst (hopefully) learning something about penguins.

Having just opened this week, the penguin enclosure is a welcome addition to the Oceanarium. Boasting a split platform view it means that you can see them up close on land level, or pop downstairs to watch them below water level. This is great as you can see them swimming and diving away. 

Upstairs also has a great new terrace bar which would be great in summer to have a picnic. Downstairs they also have a small climbing area, something which I think is the perfect addition as the parents can enjoy a coffee (and see the penguins) whilst the kids let off some steam. They also had jellyfish downstairs which is Max's personal highlight. He's got a thing about jellyfish at the moment!

One highlight of our trip was the moment that one of the giant turtles took a fancy to Max. We assume his jumper must have caught his attention as he swam right up behind him and started interacting with us and Max. It was so amazing to see them that close. His marine biologist uncle would be proud!

As always we had an amazing time at the Oceanarium. It's somewhere we go almost every week. Can't wait to see what our next adventure there has in store for us. 

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  1. Aww what amazing photos! olive adores tortoises and turtles she would like one as a pet! Ekkk! She'd have been in heaven with this one up close! Better buy her a camo jumper 😜