What We've Been Up To

It's been a hectic few weeks, in fact a hectic month. From the moment Max had his accident we have been in a whirlwind and it is only just settling down to normality. Here is what we have been up to though.

As many of you know, Max had an accident that resulted in some pretty nasty burns on his back and neck. Fortunately in the space of the month things have improved so much. More so than we would have ever imagined. It's crazy to think this time last month he was in the hospital. It's something that's going to take a long time to heal properly. But I'm reassured in the knowledge that it will fully heal. He's been such a brave boy though. 

Unfortunately with the nice weather and his accident it's meant a lot more time indoors than we would normally have. Max is a fidget bum so it's hard to keep him covered and creamed meaning it's easier to pop to Tesco's and grab some crafty stuff for an indoor activity. Of course we haven't been depriving him of the sun. But we have to be more careful. 

Max "graduated" preschool this week. He's had an amazing time there since he was a baby (apart from the year spent at my mums). It was a bit strange as he's still there for the next month but he had a great time posing for the camera and collecting his teddy and certificate. We got his years report too which informed us he's incredibly clever and confident (no idea where he gets that from!) but lacks focus at times. No surprise there!

Finally, due to having to spend lots of time indoors, our Oceanarium passes have been thoroughly used to their full potential. Out of all the things in there Max's favourite part is the baby turtles at the end. We've seen them grow so much since we have had our passes. Max loves to sit there and talk to them, telling them stories about other fish and turtles he's seen along his Oceanarium journey. They are getting penguins there soon which we honestly can't wait to see!

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