A Love of Football

Scott has always been obsessed with American Football. until I met him I didn't really know what it was and now I can tell you the difference between Safety and Running Back (I think - actually I don't but I can tell you who the team is!).

Of course it meant that once Max came along, Scott was determined to pass the love onto him. And he's succeeded. Not only is it a great bonding activity for them to do, Max is getting the knack of tackling him to the ground in style! According to our pal who's a coach for a local team he's got great moves and there's definitely some potential.

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Of course that means a lot of screaming, shouting and laughing in glee when each of them grab the ball off each other. But I love watching them play together, sit and watch games together and obsess about their favourite teams together.

Max has decided he's only a Seahawks fan when they're playing. Beyond that he's a Chiefs fan. Much to Scott's dismay! At least they aren't rivals eh.

Unfortunately there isn't anything American Football for kids and touch rugby isn't really Max's style. Of course it's because the game is only really starting to get popular over here. But that doesn't mean we won't be heading up to Wembley for the pre game entertainment so Max can finally soak in the atmosphere.

Until then he's going to continue tackling daddy to the ground in spectacular fashion!

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