Quick and Easy Artwork Display

We live in a rented flat. Whilst our landlord will let us do some decorating (painting the walls, hanging shelves) I don't want to drill too many holes. It's just too much work to fill and cover them when we leave. Having said that, our flat was looking a bit dull and boring so I decided to come up with an idea to display some of our favourite bits and bobs.

Max is forever sitting and colouring something, it's left us with a wall of pictures in the kitchen (attached with washi tape - genius stuff) but we needed something else for the rest of the house. Our lounge is really long and slim, so we had one completely bare wall that I wanted to fill with something awesome.

I was originally going to make and hang some bunting on the wall but realise that it would take so long and I didn't have any fabric on hand that went with our room colour theme. Instead I decided to take a few Command Hooks (fave thing ever!) and some string and try and make a washing line of sorts.

I simply stuck three of the miniature hooks used for hanging fairy lights etc on the wall at equal intervals. You need to press firmly to make sure they are secure and leave for an hour or so to fully allow them to attach. I love Command Hooks as they are so versatile and easily removable so you can't even tell they have been there.

I then tied some string (I used parcel string from Wilkos) so there was some hang between each hook and securely knotted it around each hook so it didn't slip and slide. Then all I had to do was to peg each thing I wanted onto it. We've got everything from cards to pictures and drawings up.

I love our artwork display. It's a great way to display some of our favourite things but also means it's versatile enough to change whenever we want to add something new. Max loves the fact he can show off his favourite drawings and we know that they aren't shovved in a drawer or folder somewhere.

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