A Week Until School

I can hardly believe that in a week's time you start school. Where has the time gone?! It feels like only yesterday we were taking you for your first day at nursery when you were 9 months old, and soon you will be donning that adorable school uniform and running off into the playground.

You are a feisty one, you are so determined with what you want that I have no doubt you will achieve it. Telling me over the weekend that your dream was to stand on stage at Reading Festival and sing your little heart out makes me want to squeeze you tight as I don't want to think about you being old enough to be on stage!

You are so incredibly cheeky. I can see the school reports rolling in that you are smart enough but lack concentration. Something you pick up from your aunties and uncles who are now excelling in their chosen careers. You love to make people laugh and make sure people are happy. And I know whatever you do in class you will be sure to love learning.

You have such a big heart that I know you will have a multitude of friends. Despite not going to the same school as Kayden, we have so many moments planned with him that you will always be best friends. You always see the best in people and I know that you are going to embrace everyone for who they are.

You are a sponge, you love to take in all the information that surrounds you, quick to ask questions and even quicker to learn the answer. You amazed me last week by reading me a whole book yourself and immersing yourself in play worlds you've created in your head. Imagination flows through you and I know that you are such a creative little man.

Neither of us can wait for you to start. You are so ready for this next step and I can't wait to walk you to the school gates each morning and watch you start to grow wings and step into the great unknown. I love you little one, forever and always.

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