How I Keep Organised Everyday.

As a mum who likes to keep herself busy I've ended up getting myself involved in so many different projects. It's amazing as I always have something to do with my day but it also means I need to keep super organised and on top of everything. One wrong move and my whole week goes out of whack. 

I've tried so many different ways to keep on top of things but I've found writing them down is the best way. I keep on meaning to use my calendar on my phone but I always seem to forget. Writing it on paper seems to make it stick a bit better. so here's how I stay organised:

  • Diary: This is my 2016 one as my 2015 is so messy and embarrassing. This one is from Busy B who are one of my new favourite stationery companies. All their stuff seems perfectly catered for an organisation perfectionist. This diary is no different and has month to view, week to view, notes pages and tear out to do lists. It's handbag size so perfect to keep on me at all times.
  • Notebook: This one is an adorable one from Eloise Bindery who create beautiful hand bound notebooks. I'm always jotting down blog ideas or things to remember and find it's so much easier to do it in one notebook than in the back of my diary where it will probably get lost.
  • Weekly Planner: After trying everything from a whiteboard to a load of post it notes, this was my favourite option. I've had about 3 of these weekly planners from Lollipop Designs. I love the way I can separate all the blogs and work stuff from home life but then see it all on one page. I try and tackle one rooms cleaning a day and try and spend time away from a screen too. This really helps me tick things off the list. Each page is easy to tear off with a fresh new one underneath.
Of course I have some weeks when it all goes out the window and I feel like I don't know what I'm doing but having this plan in place allows me to work out what I am doing with my days, especially now Max is at school. But it also helps me keep on top of my tasks so I don't feel overwhelmed.

How do you plan your week?

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