Imaginext Power Ranger's Megazord

Recently Scott has been introducing Max to some of his favourite childhood shows. Now they watch everything from Pokemon to  Batman to Power Rangers together! So when the lovely lot over at Fisher Price asked if we wanted to review the Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord we jumped at the chance. 

Scott has always wanted a Power Rangers toy like this from when he was little so to say it appealed to both the boys in the house was a bit of an understatement! This toy hit's the spot and will please everything from little ones like Max all the way up to the parents who secretly love playing with their kid's toys!

First of all though, I want to say that this toy is massive! Not in the intimidating sense as it packs away so neatly, but in the sense that it's nearly as tall as Max! When we took it out of the box he was amazed at how true to the series it looks. In the box you get the Megazord, the red and black ranger and also some power disk's and darts. 

One amazing thing about the toy was that there was minimal packaging and preparation. We all know how much we hate to have to screw bits and pieces and follow a 30 page instruction booklet. Normally Max is hovering over us all impatient whilst waiting to play but this took no more than a couple of minutes and he was off in his own little world. 

Max was eager to play and was keen to grab as many toys the same size as the Power Rangers and have the battle it out against each other. I think his first play with it was a whopping 3 hours which is unheard of in this house! 

I love that there are panels that the Rangers can step in that have a reaction, that could be firing a power disk, or opening a trap. There were so many opportunities for play with this toy. Everything slots into place and tidies away really nicely. There are some great small details included and Max loved that there were no sharp bits or parts that he could trap his fingers on whilst he's playing.

Even though this is a big toy, it didn't feel big when he was playing as it didn't take up as much room as some of his other things. The top part of the Megazord spins around so you can angle it at different places, also the eyes light up when you move the head. Even though they were small touches they really made an impact and aided Max's play. 

The power disks and darts fire at an impressive rate so make sure that it isn't positioned in front of any TV's or smaller children so they don't get hurt! Max loved to line the "baddies" up and make sure he won the battle once and for all. 

One thing Max would have loved would have been a few more rangers but there is a variety of other sets to add to this Power Ranger Toy and it gives us scope to buy him a few more for Christmas or his Birthday. 

Max has seriously adored this toy. It's kept him up late at night when he's been planning secret missions and kept him amused in the day for a quick 15 minute play before school. 

Imaginext is a great brand that pulls together classic characters and themes to create wonderful products that bridge the gap between preschool toys and action figures. The toys are amazing as they have so many hidden compartments and things to discover that they can spend hours getting lost in their own imaginary world.

Priced at £62.99, this is quite a pricey bit of kit but the amount of hours gone into playing with it so far have outweighed what the cost is as there is so much scope for imagination.

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