An Unexpected Week Off

The past week has somehow resulted in an unexpected week off blogging. I never intended to do it, I just made a decision each morning to focus on myself a bit more than normal. In a normal week I tend to wake up and do the school run with Max. When I'm back I clean, blog, cook and run all the other errands in my other jobs before I head off to my paid job! No matter how much of a ruthless schedule I run to I need to take a break once in awhile, veg out on the sofa with a good book or do something with some friends.

Last week was a bit special though, I ended up doing something wonderful for the Young Women's Trust which will be up on their site sometime this week (when I've finished writing it for them). It left me as a bag of nerves to begin with and by the end of the week I was bursting with pride!

Max is settled in at school but I'm still finding it a bit of a struggle at times to connect with the other mums. Being a young mum I'm always used to people judging me and to find a few mums that aren't like that is a bit of a shock to the system. Max is having a whale of a time though. He's always grumpy when Friday rolls around,

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