Halloween Pumpkin Carving

I can't believe how fast the year has gone, all of a sudden I've looked at the time and November is around the corner. That means it can only be Halloween today!

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. Mainly because I can get away with wearing all black and being my sarcastic self whilst telling everyone I'm pretending to be Wednesday Addams.

This year we decided we would do some pumpkin carving. I'm a dab hand with a needle and thread, but when it comes to pumpkins I don't know where to begin. Max was adamant that we needed a Disney themed one and whilst Pinterest threw out some amazingly artistic ones I resorted to good old Mickey's face. I took inspiration from this great video I found on the Florida 4 Less site.

Unfortunately things didn't go to plan so I used my back-up idea and cut the silhouette of Mickey's head rather than his facial features. Max seemed over the moon and loved getting mucky when we pulled out all the seeds.

I think we are definitely in the Halloween spirit now, I can't wait to dress up and see what spooky things we have in store at home!

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