I Interviewed Martina Cole

As many of you know, I am part of the Young Women's Trust Advisory Panel. Basically I am one of 30 young women who come together and help shape the charity's work by sharing my experiences of being a young woman. All the women have different things to bring to the table and it's amazing to see how we all share the same beliefs and values when it comes to young women's rights. 

Each year the YWT hold a Future's Fund event, this is to help raise awareness of young women that are facing poverty, lack of education or employment. This year I was invited to interview the amazing Martina Cole on stage about her struggles when she was a young woman.

If you don't know, Martina had her first child at 19 and by 21 both her parents had passed away. She was a single mum working multiple jobs whilst trying to build a future for her and her son. She had written a novel but tucked it away for nearly 10 years when she finally plucked up the courage to send it out to publishers. And now she's a bestselling author with a tv/film production company and a record company. 

Martina was such an inspiring woman to talk to. I was a ball of nerves when I met her but she set my mind at ease and the conversation flowed so easily that it felt like we were just having a natter over drinks. 

I left the event feeling so positive about my future. The novel that's been sat on my desktop has been dusted off and there is a new found strength that she gave me to know that I can achieve my dreams and that being a woman won't ever hold me back. 

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