Moreish Bakes - Treats In The Post

I love it when treats arrive in the post. But the best kind of treats in the post are most certainly food items. That's where Moreish Bakes come in. A company that will actually send you or anyone else you know some delicious treats in the post!

Moreish Bakes was made out of a love of baking and wanting to surprise people with gorgeous scrummy treats. They haven't fully launched yet but we were sent a trial package of their brownies to see how good they really were.

When they arrived they were in a similar sized box to the Graze box, which fit perfectly into our letterbox. In a plain brown box you would never have guessed the delight that there was inside!

Once opened there was a generously sized parcel in tissue paper (which let's face it is perfectly Instagrammable!) and beyond that the brownie slices were wrapped in cellophane and cut into perfect finger slices for a quick treat.

We had a mix of triple chocolate which was to die for and one mixed with chopped nuts which Scott and Max wolfed down without even thinking. Let's be honest, the brownies didn't last more than half an hour but they were a perfect pick me up on a day where the weather was rotten and we just wanted a treat. 

Priced at under £10, this postable box is perfect to surprise a friend with or just indulge yourself with. Thier delivery is 2-3 days but the brownies would keep for even longer (if they don't get eaten by then!) 

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