Pop In A Box Subscription Box

Everyone loves a subscription box. There's ones for everything from beauty to beer and everything in between. Me and Scott love to embrace our inner geek and for the past few years have been collecting the ever popular Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures. Now to add to the amazing list of sub boxes is Pop In A Box, your one stop pop mystery box. 

Funko Pop! Vinyls are adorable vinyl figures that stand about 3-4" high. There are many different figures ranging from popular film characters through to TV and book series. Pop! Vinyls have increasingly grown in popularity and whilst they are marketed as adult toys, Max loves to play with them as they are sturdy and look cute!

Pop In A Box is the first pop dedicated mystery box. You log onto their site, pick your sub size (1-12 pops) and then spend a while giving each pop a thumbs up or down. This is vital as the way their algorithms work mean that you only receive something that you thumbs up. The more you thumbs up the greater chances you end up getting something you want. 

Pop In A Box pride themselves on giving away great deals such as exclusives, rare pops and exclusive discounts in their online store. At £8.49 plus P&P you know you are guaranteed to get a great surprise on your doorstep. 

I was sent a 1 pop mystery box so spent a few hours ticking off what we had, what we wanted and what we didn't want. I tried to be open and selected things I knew that Scott and Max would want too. It arrived via Yodel really fast and was packaged extremely well which was really pleasing as I love to see consideration for packing, especially when some pops hold serious value. 

Upon opening the box I was so pleased to find that I was a lucky one to be given an exclusive. We received the 6" Nurse Baymax from the film Big Hero 6. This is an exclusive as normally oversized pop figures are more than standard sized ones. We are so excited to have received this and have stashed it away for Max's birthday as it's on his wishlist!

Pop In A Box is an awesome subscription service. One that I can see us taking up ourselves to boost our collection. It's a perfect mystery box for a one off gift or to increase your collection each month. They have an amazing tracker service that lets you see what you have and build your collection on their website. 

Thank you to Pop In A Box for letting us review their subscription service. I have a 5% discount code for anyone that buys through my link which is great for new customers wanting to kickstart a collection. I don't receive financial rewards for this but will eventually get a free pop myself. 

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