School Update

Max has been at school over a month now and I can hands down say he loves it. When he went to begin with I was worried about him settling down in such a big routine when he can be a bit of a wild child at the best of times. Fortunately he's done a great job and has maintained on the good side of the board (and only landed himself on the bad side once!).

He's made an amazing group of friends. They spend each morning chasing each other in the playground and looking after each other in class. They are all super proud when someone in their group does a good job or gets a certificate. That's not to say he's only got those friends. He seems to mix well with all the kids in his class and the others and has blossomed into a pretty awesome kid. 

He's doing exceptionally well in his reading class and is even surprising me at home with some of the stuff he is able to sound out and read to me. I can't wait to introduce him to some of my favourite kids books when he gets a bit bigger!

I'm so glad that he's settled so well. Any panic I had has been eased completely with the wonderful friends he has made (and their parents who are great too!) and the good times he is having. Now to stop him pestering me to go back to school during the holidays!

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