The TePe Challenge

Oral hygiene is a key part of our daily routine. As a family we all brush our teeth together each morning and night. We've made up songs to help encourage Max to grow up with a good dental routine. Our teeth might not be the best, I have a few fillings and Scott has some crooked teeth but we've told Max that as long as he brushes each day then his oral hygiene will be at it's best.

We were challenged by TePe to try and increase and better our oral hygiene over two weeks. TePe want to help families realise that there is more than just toothbrushes and mouthwash to keep on top of your pearly whites.

The Brushes: We were sent three brushes. Two TePe select brushes and one TePe mini for Max. I normally have to side with really soft bristled brushes as I've found normal brushes irritate my gums. Whilst these aren't soft bristled they were really hard wearing and felt like they gave a really good clean. They weren't irritating and Max did a great job brushing as the mini brush had smaller bristles and a great brush head.

The Interdental Brushes: When normal brushing isn't enough, the Interdental Brushes are time to take the stand. These small, plastic coated wire brushes are great for getting into the hard to reach places. I have a couple of teeth that could have been straightened with braces but they never bothered me. Using the Plaqsearch made me realise how they don't get cleaned as well as I thought so I spent more time using these small brushes to work on the hard to reach areas

The PlaqSearch: These scared the hell out of me. Not because they look horrible but because I knew I would be horrified at what I saw. PlaqSearch is a small tablet that is a great way of showing how well you actually brush. Once chewed it shows the new and old plaque on your teeth. Blue is for plaque over 12 hours old and red is for new plaque. Fortunately we didn't have as much blue plaque as what we thought we would but it was still shocking to see how our brushing technique isn't as good as what we thought.

After two weeks we were amazed at how a few simple changes to our routine could really improve our oral health. As we all know, we only have one set of adult teeth so it's good to take care of them to the best of our ability.

We are now taking steps to make sure that our hygiene is tip top by taking on board tips such as cutting back on sugar and salt, spitting instead of rinsing and making sure we brush for the full two minutes.

Note: We were sent products for a hygiene challenge.

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