What I've Read on Blloon Recently.

As most of you know, I always have a book in my hands. But recently I've been embracing the e-reading bug and am still obsessed with the Blloon app. Here's what I've finished reading on there over the past couple of months. 

  • We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves - I didn't know what to expect of this Booker nominated story. I'm not normally one to read big awards books or even adult fiction. This story whilst being comedic and fun at times left me really confused with some of the language. It's about the relationship between humans and animals and whilst I loved the idea of it I really couldn't attach myself to the character and sympathise with her woes.
  • The Savages - The Savages are a family of cannibals. But when there's a death at the family home, investigators want to know why this family love food so much. The book is almost an insight of carnivores vs vegetarians and the moral ground of both of them. Add that to a dysfunctional family that remind me a bit of the Addams family and I know it's a winner. I read this in one day and even snuck into the bathroom to get a few moments peace to finish it!
  • Girl, Stolen - I loved that this book went straight into the action. Cheyenne is a blind sixteen year old who is kidnapped when someone steals her mums car. What happens next is a split narrative of the captive and the captor that will keep you hooked. I loved this story and couldn't wait to read it and find out what happened next. Highly recommended.
  • How To Be Bad - E. Lockhart is one of my favourite teen authors at the moment. Her books are full of drama and suspense and keep me reading. Which is always a great sign when you see the amount I read. This one was a bit different, a collaboration with a great road trip story. It's enough of a light read to take on holiday but also enough of a dark read to keep you gripped. 
What have you been reading recently?

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