An Autumn Forest Walk

Max's school are really good with setting home learning activities. We get most of a half term to complete them but they want family to be as involved as possible. This half term he was set the task of going on an autumn walk and discovering how it was different to summer. We hopped in the car and headed to the New Forest to see what we could learn.

Of course we needed a sit down and so we munched on these healthy Tracker bar's which are a favourite snack in our house. They are so much better than grabbing a chocolate bar and the boys love the variety of flavours. 

But we needed to get back to work discovering the wonders of autumn. Max soon found leaves as big as his head, logs that had fallen and trees that reminded him of Christmas. Fortunately we got back to the car before it started raining. But we spent the afternoon and evening making a gorgeous story out of our trip. 

Next time he wants to go on a bear hunt though. 

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