Erth's Dinosaur Zoo - Lighthouse Poole

There's something amazing about dinosaurs. That fact we've learnt so much about them even though they have been gone for 65 million years just makes them amazing creatures. I've lost count of the amount of times we have watched Jurassic Park and Max has pretended that he is a dinosaur handler (he's convinced it's a real job). If this sounds a bit familiar in your house then you might need to book to see this show.

Erth's Dinosaur Zoo
 is an immersive puppet show all about these amazing creatures. There is a handful of dinosaur keepers that introduce you to each dinosaur, whilst the others control the dinosaur puppets. You can see them being moved and you are told they are puppets at the beginning but that doesn't stop even the adults getting a bit scared when the T-Rex starts roaring and snapping near your face!

In each section they invite members of the audience up to stage meaning that you could end up being the dinosaurs new best friend or even lunch! The show was nearly an hour long and kept Max captivated the whole time, which is pretty unheard of with his attention span.

The best bit? They have some of the dinos on hand after the show for a meet and greet. They did have one of the big dinosaurs in the theatre but we decided to skip that (the queue would have taken hours) and opt to meet all the baby dinosaurs out in the foyer. Max absolutely loved this as he got to hold the baby T-Rex. He's quite proud of that fact!

The show was held at the Lighthouse in Poole. It's definitely one of our favourite arts centres as they always have the best kid's events and this was no exception. Thank's Lighthouse for booking another amazing show!

*Note: We were given tickets for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own. 

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