Gift Ideas For Harry Potter Fans

We have a bit of a Harry Potter obsessive in the house. Since it popped up on Now TV not a day goes by where Max doesn't beg us to watch one of the films. He's had a sudden rush of Potter related things on his Christmas list and is eagerly rushing to the door each day to see if his Hogwarts letter has arrived (he's got a bit of a time to wait!). So here are some gift ideas for your little witches and wizards.

  1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Illustrated
  2. Platform 9 3/4 T-shirt
  3. Hogwarts Crest Poster
  4. Harry Potter Wand
  5. Complete Film Collection
  6. Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit
  7. Harry Potter Pop! Vinyl
  8. Marauder's Map Interactive Toy
  9. Making Of Harry Potter Studio Tour Ticket

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