Baby Moo's Clothing & Shop

I love and loathe shopping for clothes for Max. On one hand he is so stylish he could pull off a bin bag but on the other it's so hard to find something different, something unique and something that makes him stand out a bit. 

That's exactly how Anna felt when she decided to launch Baby Moo's. She was fed up of seeing the same stuff on the shelf so decided to make some quirky and individual baby and toddler products that parents would love as much as the kids. 

She has done so well that she's decided to open a store in Southbourne, Bournemouth to sell her clothes physically as well as online. So we popped down to the shop to see what it was like. Let's just say it was pretty amazing. 

There's everything from music related baby-gro's to bibs, hoodies and tops. There is literally something for everyone and I wandered around the shop pointing at stuff telling Scott that we should buy this for X,Y and Z for presents. 

There's only a small selection for kids 3+ but it's something she is expanding on and there's already a few new designs online that I'm interested in!

We were kindly given the Superhero Hoodie to road test which is a perfect fit for us as Max is convinced he is a superhero in disguise. It's a perfect fit and a great design with a mask attached to the hood with poppers. We've had it for a couple of weeks now and the colour and design has lasted well in the wash and it's Max's go-to jumper. He even wore it for a non uniform day at school and we had many parents ask where we got it.

I love that it's a lightweight hoody so he can wear it with a thin top underneath. It's perfect for this weather as we love to layer them up and keep him warm. I would 100% recommend this hoodie for any superhero you may know, and at £13 is a perfect stocking filler for Christmas!

Note: We recieved the umper in exchange for a review but all opinions are our own.

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