Christmas Spectacular - Regent Centre, Christchurch

We've done a fair few Christmas shows this year and thought that the last one should end with a bang. Which is why we picked to see Christmas Spectacular at the Regent Centre in Christchurch. 

The Glad Rag production company have been putting the Christmas Spectacular on at the Regent Centre for the past 3 years and sold out nearly every show they've done. 

Each show is a magical adventure in the North Pole and this years was no exception. It took us on a journey to Christmas Eve, where all Santas helpers were trying to get as much done as they could without disturbing the man himself. They all declared that he looked a bit tired at 403 years old and could do with putting his feet up. 

What happens next is a wonderful story of slapstick comedy from the entertaining elves, gorgeous dancing from the girls and scrumptious singing that could get any grumpy Scrooge into the Christmas spirit. 

There was a great mix of traditional Christmas hits that we could sing along to and other songs that you wouldn't expect to fit (but surprisingly lend themselves to Christmas). And there was a great balance of music and acting meaning that Max was always captivated by the stage.  

Despite this being in a relatively small theatre it has the feel of a massive stage show. Everyone is well cast and the children that form the younger part of the cast were incredibly professional on stage! Max is desperate to get up there one year himself. 

Max loved the elves most of all, there was some great audience interaction where you have to shout when you see the polar bears which Max did with glee! Hats off to The head elves for keeping all the kids thoroughly entertained. I could certainly hear a lot of giggles coming from the seats. 

Christmas Spectacular is on at the Regent Centre until Christmas Eve and there are still tickets available (but going fast!). It's a lovely show that will certainly leave you in the Christmas spirit! Tickets are available from the Regent Centre directly. 

We've seen an amazing array of shows this year which have all been wonderful with something different for all the family, so your guaranteed to find one that's just right for you! 

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