Just Another Manic Mumday with Toby Carvery

Weekdays are hectic for us mums. If we aren't running around after school doing some homework project we forgot about then we're trying to cook dinner whilst keeping tired kids awake long enough to give them some grub. Not only that but at the end of it we have to wash up, tidy the hurricane that the kids left behind and still find time for ourselves. 

Toby Carvery have done some research and found that on average mums get up at 6:40am and don't get to sit down and relax until 8:00pm. For the Castle household that's even worse as Scott does the pick up, I finish work at 8pm and we normally don't crash on the sofa until at least 9/9:30pm. There just aren't enough hours in the day!

Fortunately for us Toby Carvery offered us a midweek meal so that we could have a moment to enjoy ourselves (and not have to do the washing up - YAY!). So once school had finished, we swiftly got Max changed and headed over to our local to see what they had in store for us. 

The best thing about a midweek meal at Toby Carvery is the price. For a low price of £5.99 you get a fully cooked carvery with all the trimmings you could want. Without even having to lift your finger in the kitchen! With a selection of 4 different meats, as many veggies as you could wish for and a yorkshire pudding the size of Max's head there's so much to choose from and you are sure to leave fully satisfied. For the vegetarians and anyone that doesn't want a carvery, there is a great selection of other things on the menu too. 

We all opted for the carvery. What I find most tricky about doing a roast at home is that everyone has different preferences. Max loves gammon with mash whereas Scott prefers beef with roasties. I can never end up pleasing everyone so coming to Toby Carvery means that everyone left happy as they got their favourites! Scott had a side of pork scratchings too as they're a favourite treat of his.

The meal itself was scrummy and filling. We all sat back at the end, took in our empty plates and agreed that we needed to do it more often. At less that £25 for all of us (excluding drinks) we couldn't have asked for a better meal. Max very rarely wolfs up a whole dinner after school but I've never seen him devour something so fast. I don't know if that says something about my cooking though!

It was so lovely to take time out of our manic midweek schedule and actually spend some time together laughing and joking and not having to worry about cooking times and tidying up. By the time we got home we cuddled up and watched a Christmas movie together without having hundreds of things on our mind. 

Thank you Toby Carvery for saving my Manic Mumday and turning it into a wonderful time spent with my family. I urge all my readers to pop down and have their own manic mumday turned into a magical moment. And as a treat for you all, just use this QR code for a free Ice Cream sundae on us!

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