Mo's Cookie Dough

Who doesn't love cookies? We are always baking cookies or cakes in our house at weekends to share with friends and family. But sometimes we find that we don't have enough flour, or the mixture doesn't stay right. That's where Mo's Cookie Dough comes in. 

Mo's Cookie Dough is an amazing pre-made dough that is either popped in the fridge or frozen that you can just slice and bake. It takes out all the messy mixing and any chances of getting it wrong and leaves you with warm and delicious cookies that are ready in minutes. 

Mo's Cookie Dough started when Morag (the founder) became so well known for her almost instantly made, gorgeous cookies amongst her friends and family. Her secret was rolls of frozen cookie dough she had made that she then sliced and popped in the oven whenever she needed it. She's now brought out her line of 3 different flavours for the whole world to enjoy!

We loved making these cookies. With the winter weather coming in, there's nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a batch of cookies and a Christmas movie. Unfortunately mummy burnt the Chocolate Chip cookies a little bit (I blame the oven rather than my own cooking) but nevertheless they tasted gorgeous and were a massive hit. 

Max and Scott cooked a batch of the gingerbread cookies and took them into school for Max to hand out to his classmates. We adapted the mix slightly by slicing into smaller bits and then adding some crushed candy canes to the top to give it a festive feel. He felt so proud handing them out and the mums were amazed that my secret was actually a roll of Mo's delicious mix!

Finally, I used the oat and raisin one to create the perfect elevenses. Max's school had a Santa visit helped by the PFA and I rustled up some cookies for us to have as a snack to keep us all going. They even got the big mans approval with I think is a big thumbs up.

Thank you Mo's for letting us share the secret of your glorious cookie dough. I think it's found it's way into our freezer for life whenever we need a scrummy pick me up. 

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