Peter Pan - Lighthouse Poole

There's nothing better to get you in the festive spirit than to go see a show. Each year since Max was little we've made a conscious decision to either see a panto, play or concert to get that festive feeling, and this year was no exception. We've packed this year with more Christmassy shows that I can count and this was the first, (and the one I was most excited about!) Peter Pan at the Lighthouse in Poole.

Let me start off by saying this isn't a panto, infact it's an amazing stage show with so many magical elements that will leave you forgetting the word panto even existed! I always love it when a theatre tries something a bit different and this was definitely different. As you sit down you are taken away by the amazing revolving stage that you see in front of you. 

The story opens with the Darlings getting ready to go out and leaving their children with Nana the dog. The actors playing the children did an amazing job at capturing the individual personalities of the characters we know and love. When Peter Pan flies into their room to get his shadow back he takes them back to Neverland with him for adventures with mermaids and pirates. 

Once in Neverland it continued the classic tale with dancing with Tiger Lily and her tribe to fighting with the pirates on their ship to avoid walking the plank. The staging is seamless and helps each scene move past quickly and with just a twist of the stage you are transported to another place. 

I loved that even though it was a play and not a panto there were still great funny elements to it. From the pirates being scared of a mysterious noise to the crocodile scooting across the front of the stage when you least expected it. There were still enough laughs to keep the adults and children amused amongst the gorgeous songs and acting. 

The casting was spot on. Christopher Ellison as the despicable Captain Hook getting the crowd booing at his dastardly ways (and Max shouting that he's a bad man!). Jamie Quinn was the magical Peter Pan who captured the hearts of everyone as he flew across the audience and convinced everyone he was a boy that really didn't want to grow up. To me the standout performance was definitely Naomi Morris who played Wendy, superb singing, amazing acting, she really stole the show for me. 

If you're looking for a heartwarming show to get you into the festive spirit then I urge you to see Peter Pan at the Lighthouse. With elements that everyone in the family will love you'll be talking about it for days. Tickets are on sale now and the show is running until the 3rd January so don't miss out!

Photos courtesy of Lighthouse/Hattie Miles.
I was provided with complimentary tickets but all opinions are my own. 

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