What Tv Shows I'm Loving On Netflix

I am obsessed with Netflix. Not only can I binge watch a series without someone giving me the side eye or having to wait patiently. I can also find great new things to watch that perhaps I've previously missed. Here's what TV shows I'm loving at the moment.

  • Once Upon A Time - Set in the fictional town of Storybrooke, this series focuses on a clash of fairy tales and real life and all the mayhem in between. I love that this tends to my Disney obsessed side whilst still being an adult show. It's aired weekly on Netflix the day after it's shown in the US so you don't have to be concerned about spoilers.
  • Chuck - This is a series that me and Scott watched when we first got together and are loving rewatching it. Chuck is an ordinary guy, that is until all the government secrets end up in his head. Having all this knowledge and keeping it a secret isn't the easiest job. Especially when you can't tell your friends and family. This is a comedy series that we fell in love with.
  • The Good Wife - This courtroom drama is such an easy watch but such an addictive one at the same time. Alicia Florrick is thrown back into the workplace after her State's Attorney husband is caught in a sex scandal. What happens over the course of the seasons is enough legal drama and family drama to get you hooked.
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine - A quick fire comedy series about a not so highly ranked police unit. This series is one that will keep you laughing, but will also warm you to the characters and will them to succeed in each adventure they face.
  • Pretty Little Liars - To say I am obsessed is an understatement. This series is about 4 friends who start receiving messages from beyond the grave. Each episode is uploaded the day after it's aired in the US and this series is definitely controversial, especially with some of the secrets that have been exposed by the people of Rosewood.
  • Making A Murderer - If you've not heard of this documentary series then get on it. Spanned over 30 years, this documentary is about the false conviction and further arrest of Steven Avery. I don't wait to give too much away but there have been some heated debates, petitions and arguments about whether or not he was guilty for the crime he's been accused of.
What have you been watching on Netflix?

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