Bill DVD Review

There's nothing better than settling down to an afternoon watching a great movie. So when we were invited to join along with the Bill DVD viewing party we couldn't say no! Bill is a tale of William Shakespeare created by the creators of the amazing Horrible Histories. Horrible Histories is a new favourite in our home, we're getting on to the binge watching stage and it's not only a great comedy show but it's teaching Max so much about history that we can't help but love it. That's one reason why we were so excited about the Bill DVD release!

It pieces together the story of what happened (well might have happened) in the time before he became the famous playwright we all know and love. We were absolutely roaring with laughter the whole way through. And whilst a lot of the historical references went over Max's head that didn't mean he couldn't follow the story of a man persevering to achieve his dreams. Along the way of course there's a whole host of amazing plot twists and gags that will leave you having to pause the DVD just so you can catch your breath. One DVD that you won't want to miss! A fun filled film for all the family to enjoy. 

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