Saltrock Clothing

Saltrock is one of those brands I've grown up loving. Living by the sea has always meant a wealth of surfing related brands have bubbled away through each clothing phase I went through, but brands like Saltrock are ones I've always gone back to knowing that the quality of clothes like theirs are always so much better than others. So when Saltrock approached us about reviewing some of their clothes we could hardly say no to adding some awesome stuff to our already growing collection!

It was a hard time spent staring at my phone trying to work out what products were different to what we had but also gorgeous and fit with what we love to wear. So in the end I let Max pick what he wanted and I chose my item! He opted for a bright mint coloured top with a nautical feel and a fluffy hoodie that he seriously hasn't taken off since it arrived. 

I love the feel and quality of both the top and the hoodie. The top is made out of a nice thick cotton and has enough breathing room that he will last ages in it. It actually sized up quite big for what a 5-6 normally is but I'm not complaining as this kid likes his jeans skinny and his tops loose fitting. 

The hoodie is so soft and fluffy on the inside that I'm partial to casually rubbing the hood when I'm hanging it up (don't judge me, it's like stroking a cloud!). And the colour is so bright that you can't help but notice him. We've had loads of remarks over half term about how gorgeous the items are and how well made they are. I have to also comment on the fact that they wash amazingly well. No shrinking and no fading on either of the items so it's a massive thumbs up from us. 

I on the other hand went for the gorgeous knitted oversized scarf. Ever since my best friend gave me an oversized scarf at Christmas, I've become slightly obsessed. They are perfect to throw on with a hoodie on the school run or to use as a shawl/blanket if the weather suddenly turns a bit cold. 

I love the colours in this scarf, it's like a gorgeous patchwork blanket and falls to about mid thigh length so is perfect either left hanging or thrown around your neck to hide from the wind. I'm seriously impressed at the quality of the scarf, it's so soft and warm yet isn't heavy like a lot of my other scarfs. Even better, the scarf is still in the sale for only £10! A complete bargain for a stylish accessory. I'm looking at getting one for my mum for Mother's day as she's been eyeing this one a bit too much. 

We love these items from Saltrock and are currently looking online at what we can buy next (probably something for Scott as he felt a bit left out!). Saltrock is one of those brands that has stood the test of time and continues to produce quality, stylish clothing at great prices. We can't wait for our next purchase!

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  1. I love Salt Rock clothing.. I have a bigger version of the hoodie in purple and I love it! So fluffy and warm!