The Ordinary Moments - Scooter Boy

These past weeks have been hectic with a mix of trying to study, work and find time with Max. I knew it was going to be hard to fit everything in but at times I feel so stretched I wonder when I'm going to break.

I had the past week off work and ended up being more stressed than ever due to the construction of a tree for world book day. I'm not the most artistic of the bunch but love trying things out. Let's just say that this tree has been the bane of my life recently. I'm nearly finished with it and cannot wait for Thursday to come around so I can see the back of it!

Amongst the metaphorical tearing of the hair out I managed to spend some quality time with Max. He's just got a special award from school for reading and behaviour so we all went out for a special meal on Sunday followed by an hour at the skatepark. Max has just started to take an interest in skateboarding and scootering so  we are looking into getting him lessons at a local indoor park. 

I spent a day up in london helping the EHRC do some research on maternity leave and employers. It was so much fun and so informative that I can't wait to see the results. I managed to catch up with one of my friends Sophie, she's another Young Women's Trust Advisory Panel member and we spend far too long chatting about this upcoming weekend. I'm heading away to Crewe to spend a weekend brainstorming and doing all sorts of amazing things for a charity that has given me so much. 


  1. These are great photos. We have a skateboard park near our house and Mads my eldest got a skateboard for Christmas. We haven't been to the skate park as I am just a little scared she might get a little over enthusiastic there and hurt herself- she literally has no fear! xx

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