Beating the Chicken Pox Blues

So last week the dreaded chicken pox hit us. What started off with a couple of dubious looking spots, turned into a full on covering less than 24 hours later. With the sun shining and Max being full of beans we were truly gutted it hit us when it did. Of course being struck by chicken pox means staying in to risk contaminating others until the spots have scabbed over. Here's a few things we got up to to stave off the chicken pox blues.

  • Made a blanket fort and watched classic 80's movies.
  • Wrote a script for a short film that Max wants to shoot in Easter Holidays.
  • Did lots of colouring in, decorating the flat with gorgeous Easter pictures.
  • Played music loud and danced in our pyjamas.
  • Read every book in the house.
Max has gone back to school today (hooray!) but we had a lovely time together despite the itchy pox irritating him.

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