Colouring with Crayola

Adult colouring has become a massive craze. Not only is it great for relaxing and mindfulness it's also a great way to switch off from the digital world that we live in. I've always been a bit dubious of the colouring craze. I'm not the most artistic and can find the idea of colouring in the lines tedious. But when Crayola offered me some pens, pencils and their new colouring book, I thought I would bite the bullet. 

When they arrived I was so surprised. I was expecting pages full of tiny intricate patterns but the colouring book was great. Each page has a perforated edge, are one sided and contains a variety of patterns for different levels of skill. This is perfect as you can take each sheet out one at a time and not have to worry about bleeding colours and ruined colouring. 

Along with the colouring book I was sent a selection of pencils and pens. The pack of 50 pencils includes every shade you can imagine with the traditional Crayola branding and print like they have on their crayons. I was really impressed at the depth of the colour. I know from experience that some colouring pencils really aren't the colour they say they are but these packed the punch. 

I also got sent some fine line markers. They come in a selection of 12 different colours and have a brush tip as a marker. I've not used these as much for colouring as I prefer blending with pencils but I'm in the process of doing a big Easter display at work and these have been perfect for creating bold and bright typography.

When the colouring craze first came around I didn't understand it, I couldn't fathom how it could be relaxing and calming. Let's just say I was totally wrong. Not only do I feel so much calmer but even just 5 or 10 minutes of colouring helps me forget all my daily worries. Thank you Crayola for bringing a bit of mindfulness and calm into my busy life!

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