Mother's Day At Beefeater Somerford

I am away this Mother's Day so we decided to celebrate it this past weekend. Fortunately we were invited to Beefeater in Somerford, Christchurch to try their menu. 

Beefeater has just gone through a massive refit and have ditched the dark and dingy interiors for light and open spaces that could seriously be a step out of the posh interiors magazines! I spent a good amount of the time wondering what colour the paint was and where they got their light fittings from because I loved them!

Sitting down we took a look at the menus to decide what we were going to have. I was so impressed at the selection of things on there. Famous for their steaks and grills, most of the menu was full of delicious meat choices. Scott was really torn between the Steak or ribs, in the end he opted for the half rack of ribs with chicken which he said was perfectly cooked with a great spicy bbq kick.

I opted for a small portion of fish and chips. The fish was great and the chips were absolutely delicious, they were triple cooked if you wanted to know the not so secret. Both portions were perfectly sized and great for a Sunday lunch. They arrived quickly to the table and were hot and cooked throughout. We couldn't find any faults!

Max went for the mac and cheese with a size of veggie fingers and garlic bread. There was such a great variety on the menu and you were able to switch any of the side dishes out for anything else on the menu so you know that everything you picked is something the little ones love. 

Of course you can't go out without having dessert and this meal was no exception. Me and Scott shared a warm chocolate brownie that was sweet, filling and definitely chocolatey. Max went for the fun make your own sundae that included a selection of sweets alongside a cone and two scoops of ice cream. Max had a barrel of laughs building his ice cream and looping the laces into funny patterns. 

All in all the food was some of the best we've had out for a long time. It left us full way beyond dinner time and we've subsequently told all the parents at the school gate how amazing it was. On top of that the service was amazing. The friendly staff were great engaging with Max and keeping him occupied and things arrived promptly. 

I can't fault the meal we had at Beefeater, Somerford. From the great food to the great service. It was the perfect pre-Mother's Day meal and it was the perfect time spent with my little family. Thank you Beefeater for inviting me. There is still time to book a table for a Mother's Day treat so go ahead and spoil her!

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